Where We Will Be

We Create A New Financial System

The ONE Finance Network is a new global financial system that addresses all the security, scaling, cost and legal challenges that exist today.

The world has seen financial transactions on blockchains that are fast, secure and low-cost. But all of them exist outside of most legal and regulatory compliance requirements. Users are not protected from scams, threats of jurisdiction shutdowns and many other uncertainties.

A New Asset Class

IOB token is the same investment instrument, a security token, that is offered worldwide, complying with various local regulations. The blockchain technology makes the new security class possible.

A New Financial Transaction Network

For centuries, money has been controlled by a few. The IOB Mesh enables a global peer-to-peer financial transaction network. Either it is a small personal payment or a 100-million dollar corporate loan, the deal is done near instantly with the help of network nodes and dApps they have built.

Accepted and Approved

IOB is undergoing prospectus filings for its Interactive Crypto Offerings™ (ICOs) in several countries with the world’s first ‘same token, multiple offerings (STMO)’ strategy.


The non-compliant nature of the blockchain has been the biggest hurdle so far to make financial transactions on blockchain go mainstream. The IOB Mesh network consists of regulated financial companies around the world, law firms, licensed tax and accounting service providers, tech and services providers that provide regulation-compliant dApps that power all transactions on the network.

Multiple Listings

We are in talks with several stock exchanges that are considering listing security tokens in Germany, Gibraltar, Canada and France. We will also be listed on crypto exchanges with ATS licenses.

Commissions-free, P2P Deals

For centuries, a hefty commission has been an inescapable part of any financial transaction. The IOB Mesh eliminates all gatekeepers for an open road system where transactions are flow through openly and freely without the tolls. All you need is adding ‘gas.’