What We Do


We begin with the end in mind.

Good investment management is not only about the initial entry, but also nurturing and exits. Every step is equally as important. Our investment method is a blend of traditional investment management coupled with the crowd wisdom bots (CWBs) for buying, managing and profit-taking decisions.

Equity Investing

We identify and invest in companies that can be part of the IOB Mesh network nodes. We also invest in other blockchain-related technology, application and service companies.

Crypto Investing

Holding portfolio companies’ tokens and coins is a part of our investment strategy. We believe a well-designed token backed by a solid business plan has real value, and crypto offering is a legitimate way for corporate finance.

Start-up Accelerating

We have a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Some companies may need no more than seed funding. Others will go through several rounds.

Accelerating Programs

Besides the prestige of being accepted into our program, start-up founders can learn valuable lessons and gain real-world skills in management, marketing, and finance from our entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders.

Creating Values

A new investment model: Seasoned VC expertise + decentralized data-driven distributed decision making. Our primary mission is to create value for our investors.

Dividend Distributions

Two primary forms of distribution for value created by the platform: the distribution of platform tokens created by our portfolio companies, and cash or equivalent distribution of generated revenues.


In the past decade, blockchain technology and society have outpaced regulation and law in every country. As technology continues to evolve, the impact it has on businesses from a competitive standpoint is clear. However, many of us often overlook the impact it has on regulation.

International Regulated Exchange Network (IREN)

The Need for Regulation

With new crypto exchanges flourishing based on completely new and innovative business models, the obligation of responsibility is often unclear and prompts the need for related regulations.

Building the Alliance

We are investing in regulated, licensed and legal broker-dealers, trading systems and clearing agents in North America, Europe and Asia to forge a regulated crypto trading alliance.

Licensing Through the Network

As regulators enact legislation to properly manage disruptive trends, we are looking for regulated trading systems in the US, Japan, Canada, Germany, the UK, and France, to build the International Regulated Exchange Network (IREN). IREN licenses and provides regulatory oversight to its member exchanges through a contractual relationship to ensure proper compliance for members’ business conducts and activities.


The IOB Mesh network is a distributed, rule-based peer-to-peer network that enables all blockchain-based financial transactions fully comply with various local and international regulations.

The ONE Finance Network (The IOB Mesh)

Deals are discovered on the IOB Mesh network, whether or not the buyer and the seller know each other in person. A transaction goes through various relevant nodes that provide financial, legal, accounting other local jurisdiction compliance requirements, p2p, fast, low cost on the distributed ledger network.

From small p2p payments to one-hundred-million-dollar corporate finance deals facilitated by dApps on the Mesh, there is no commission. The only cost of transaction is the network fee that is shared automatically by the dApp providers and nodes through the smart contracts.

Built by

IOB Group of Companies, includes top technology and regulated financial companies, insurance and law firms, accounting and tax experts, real estate financing and consumer loan lenders worldwide.


Universa Platform, processed on the distributed ledger platform with full local and international compliance at a fraction of the time and cost comparing to the current financial system.

Utilized by

All financial transactions: from small peer-to-peer payments and mortgage loans to hundred-million-dollar corporate finance deals.

Powered by

IOB tokens as the only network fee, commission-free.

The Bi of IOB

From PETRODOLLAR TO PETROYUAN, the end of dollar’s era?

Introducing a new vocabulary to the world of finance


The basic denomination of the network token/coin.


1/1,000th of a Bi.


1/1,000,000th of a Bi.