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Business on the Blockchain

We have moved our entire investment business onto the blockchain. Blockchain technology is not only used to raise money.


Investment Capital

IOB enables an average investor to participate in high growth investments that were traditionally reserved for institutions and VCs by tokenizing the investment capital pool so an average investor can participate.


IOB Tokenholders' Liquidity

The IOB Token will be traded on multiple exchanges and trading systems worldwide, as well as on our own SmX. This gives a tokenholder a secondary market liquidity.



IOB blockchain-based corporate governance technology optimizes and modernizes the classical inefficiencies Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) to achieve a high level of trust and transparency.



A new investment model: Seasoned VC expertise + decentralized, data-driven, and a distributed decision making platform aided by the AI-based crowd wisdom bots (CWBs).


Partial Exits

We believe that the blockchain-based tokenization of assets is the future of finance. IOB portfolio companies can give us a partial exit in as short as a few months from our initial investment instead of a typical VC exit of 4-5 years.

  • A typical VC exit: 3-10 years.

  • Our quickest partial exit: 4 months.


Management Fee

IOB Smart VC is a management fee-free investment platform. We operate and hold ourselves to the listed company standards and eliminate the decade-old annual management fee scheme.

We invest in blockchain-related high growth companies

With a focus on regulated financial, legal, accounting, tax services, and HFT trading companies and dApps developers.

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