Smart Trading™

Professional strategies for crypto trading

Algorithm and high frequency trading (HFT) strategies on smart contracts for crypto trading.


With its top management coming from years of high-frequency trading (HFT) and quantitative trading totaling billions of dollars in stocks, commodity futures and index futures around the world, IOB develops its own proprietary trading systems.


Cryptocurrencies have experienced 70%+ pullbacks regularly. Hedging is essential for professional and individual investors alike. IOB Smart Trading™ provides traders an effective hedging solution.


IOB Arbitraging Trading enables the company to trade the same coin/token/asset on many exchanges with multiple currency pairs 24/7 by arbitraging delayed price parities with automatic high frequency trading engines.

Volatility Trading

Cryptocurrencies are among the most volatile trading instruments in the world. IOB designed trading strategies that trade the volatility of the price of an underlying instrument rather than the price itself.

Price Action Trading

IOB’s proprietary trading system including 8 Price Action Trading Strategies based on the recent and actual price movements, rather than relying solely on traditionally ineffective technical indicators.

Proprietary Charting System

The IOB custom charting system minimizes the significance associated with latency and frequent packet loss of internet-transmitted trading data, which are not suitable for many of today’s institutional trading strategies.

Currently, the STS is only used to manage our own funds

We will make it available to SmX™ clients.