Smart Exchange (SmX™)


A P2P trading platform for professional traders

Focused on the social, decentralized, and distributed crowd wisdom trading, SmX is a next-generation P2P trading platform for professional, experienced and high volume traders.


Traders to be qualified on SmX™

SmX is an exchange for accredited, qualified investors. Aside from its initial KYC/AML processing, traders are required to hold a certain amount of IOB token to be qualified.


No order book, no manipulation

SmX is a decentralized P2P crypto exchange. It does not maintain an order book, nor does it match inividual trades. Tokens and funds are held at traders’ own wallets both before and after each trade. Trader Match, Price Discovery and Swap Smart contract allow both parties to trade their cryptocurrency directly with each other without having to trust one another or a third party.


Infrastructure and features for serious traders

SmX is built with the risk-averse institutional investors in mind. We are investing in enabling technologies to facilitate sophisticated trading order types, derivatives and block trade services on our P2P, server-less computing platform. Native Arbitraging, portfolio hedging, and position trading high frequency trading strategies are offered to all registered traders free of charge.



SmX social trading is a social environment that offers interaction between active crypto traders in real time. It provides significant benefits of sharing knowledge with others and allows traders to trade online with the help of others by comparing and copying their trades, techniques, and strategies. Top Traders and Model Accounts are compensated automatically through a smart contract based on the success of their trades.


Front Running and Manipulation

SmX does not have centralized order books, order relayers, or utilize a semi-decentralized system that acts as an intermediary between exchanging parties. Our system is designed to prevent member account to act as such on the network. All orders are off-chain orders, which enables matching to take place off-chain with the swap still taking place on-chain, preventing front running and market manipulation.


Commission Trading

SmX is a commission-free trading platform. A small network transaction fee is distributed to the network service providers (Staking and Service Node operators). Margin Loans (ML) and Short Position Token Loans (SL) are negotiated directly between the traders through a smart contract and is backed by the borrower’s IOB Token Reserve requirement.

Built for professional traders and institutions

High-frequency arbitraging, hedging, volatility, price-action and position trading strategies